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Building Bridges Learning Center provides Speech, Occupational, Physical and Applied Behavioral Analysis Therapy services to children and young adults.  The new center will allow us to provide a different structure for services rather than the traditional one. The learning center offers group services for preschoolers through young adults with disabilities.

The group services offered at Bridges Learning Center will fill in gaps of service needs for individuals with disabilities. The same team approach to therapy will be used with a combination of all therapy disciplines. Services will range from small adaptive preschool groups to vocational and life skills training for young adults. These groups will provide the opportunity for children of all ages to work with peers on social skills while enjoying a more natural setting due to the character of the space. The location is surrounded by local businesses which provides an opportunity for community integration of these skills.

Now Serving Ages 2-29

Adaptive Preschool Programs “APPs”

(Ages 2-5 years) | Mondays-Fridays | 9:00-12:00 and 1:00-3:00 “APPs” will provide a fun, structured environment to target developmental areas such as play and social skills, ne and gross motor skills, as well as language enriching activities. This group will use a verbal behavior ABA model to target age appropriate academic skills utilizing the Abeka Preschool Curriculum. An initial assessment is required prior to enrollment. Private therapy services are available during APPs including Speech, OT, ABA, and PT.

Social Skills Groups

(Ages 4-18 years) | Mondays-Thursdays | 3:30-5:30
Social Skills Groups will target important skills needed to initiate and maintain friendships which includes turn-taking, awareness of personal space, and following directions. Fun group activities will incorporate topics such as emotions, facial expressions, and conversational skills. These skills will be taught in the o ce setting and then practiced in community based outings with groups led by a combination of Occupational Therapists, Speech Therapists, and ABA Therapists. Activities of daily living will also be targeted for older children and teenagers, including cooking classes.

Vocational Skills Groups

(Ages 15-26 years) | Mondays-Fridays | 1:00-3:00
Vocational and Life Skills group classes will be led by a combination of Occupational Therapists, Speech Therapists, and ABA Therapists. The goal for this group is to increase the independence of our clients by teaching and then practicing skills needed in various business industries including: restaurant, grocery, recreational, retail, and more.

Our Services

Building Bridges Therapy offers speech, occupational, physical, and ABA therapy in individual and group settings. Our wide range of therapy options ensure that your child will grow and learn in the method that best meets their needs!

Building Bridges is an awesome place for therapy. Our son has been going here since he was 2 and he is now 7. Without Building Bridges therapy help we don’t know what we would’ve done. They have filled tremendous learning gaps in our son due to epileptic seizures. He can now read and functions normally in the school setting and with peers. The therapists are loving and caring and are very structured in accomplishing goals set. Couldn’t ask for a better therapy setting. Very pleased 

Ivey W.

My son attended Building Bridges from 2015 until April 2017, he made wonderful progress during his time there. He started as non-verbal at 18 months old, and today he is speaking in full sentences. He has also made progress with OT, PT and ABA. The ABA “pre-school” was great and he still talks about all of his friends and therapists. He would still be attending Building Bridges if we had not moved to Jacksonville, FL. We miss you guys!! Thanks for everything!

Karrie G.

We have been attending a variety of therapies (OT, PT, Feeding, and Speech) for the past 5 years. The staff and therapists have been nothing but wonderful to work with. We have had several therapists with us since our daughter was brought home from the hospital at three weeks old… they are like family! I highly recommend the quality of the therapists, the staff, and the facility…. and we can’t beat the location!

Jen S.

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